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Thread: Turbo Pack 5 erscheint im April!

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    Default Turbo Pack 5 erscheint im April!

    Diesen April wird die fünfte Reihe der begehrten Turbo Packs veröffentlicht!

    Get ready to rev up your Duel Runners and head on over to your nearest Official Tournament Store, because Turbo Pack 5 is finally here! Duelists competing in this weekend’s Retro Draft tournaments will be among the first in the world to lay their eyes on these new cards, and they’re sure to be impressed by what they see.

    Whenever you participate in a tournament at a Konami Official Tournament Store, you could be eligible to get a free Turbo Pack. Each pack contains 3 cards from a 20-card set. Because they’re only given out at tournaments, Turbo Pack cards can be very rare, and highly desired by Duelists.

    Turbo Pack contents are unpredictable, and nobody ever knows what cards will be included when a new set comes out.

    Here, revealed for the first time ever, are the contents list of Turbo Pack 5:

    Colossal Fighter

    ULTRA RARE (1):
    Dark Hole

    SUPER RARES (4):
    Gladiator Beast Laquari
    Snowman Eater
    Six Samurai United
    Spell-Shattering Arrow

    RARES (6):
    Puppet Plant
    Wulf, Lightsworn Beast
    Cyber Eltanin
    Torrential Tribute
    Escape from the Dark Dimension
    Zoma the Spirit

    COMMONS (9):
    Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
    Abyssal Kingshark
    Spirit of the Six Samurai
    Black Salvo
    Darkness Neosphere
    Miracle Fusion
    Shield Crush
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Royal Command
    Link zum Diskussionsthread!


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    Default AW: Turbo Pack 5 erscheint im April!

    Geil aber colloso ultra naja wäre cool Gorz ultra oder catastor ^^

    Mein iTrader

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    sig für Kastrator.

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