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Thread: Der OTK Thread

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    Default Der OTK Thread

    Hallo zusammen.
    Dieser Thread steck voller kreativer OTks, ich möchte hier über sie diskutieren und evtl decklisten entwerfen!


    *Armed Samurai - Ben Kai
    (Armed Samurai -Ben kei, and 3 to 4 Equip Spells like Axe of Despair)

    *Cyber Stein
    (Cyber Stein, whatever fusion with 4000+ atk, and Megamorph)

    *Cyber Stein #2
    (Cyber-stein, Injection Fairy Lily, and 4000+ atk fusion)

    *Cyber Stein #3
    (2x Poison of the Old Man and Stein)

    *Cyber Stein #4
    (Cyber Stein, Cyber Twin Dragon, and Megamorph/Limiter)

    *Cyber Stein #5
    (Cyber Dragon and Cyber Stein(get Twin))

    (4000+ Fusion, Ring, and Barrel)

    *Uria, Lord of Searing Flame
    (Resoning, Monster Gate and Uria, Lord of Searing Flame)

    *Hero Flash!!
    (R-Righteous Justice/Hero Flash!!)

    *Reversal Quiz
    (Black Pendant or Fuhma Shuriken and Reversal Quiz)

    *Magical Scientist
    (Catapult Turtle, Magical Scientist)

    *Royal Magical Library
    (Maurading Captain, Royal Magical Library, Inferno Reckless Summon, and deck full of burn spells)

    *Life Equalizer/ Blasting the ruins
    (8000 LP diffierice, 30 cards in graveyard, Life Equalizer and Blasting the ruins)

    *UFOroid Fighter
    (Power Bond, Gate Guardian/Destiny Hero Dogma, UFOroid)

    *Megarock Dragon OTK
    (Megarock Dragon, Return from the Different Dimension, and Final Attack Orders)

    *Rescue Cat OTK
    (Rescue Cat, Last Will, or Premature Burial)

    *Magical Explosion
    (20 Spells in your Gravard, 2x Magical Explosion)

    *Mokey Mokey
    (Magical Scientist(for 3x Mokey Mokey King), Cannon Soldier, and 3x Mokey Mokey in grave)

    *Asura Priest
    (Ojama Trio, Asura Priest, Black Pendent, and Final Attack Orders)

    *Tyranno Infinity
    (8 removed from play Dinosaur Monsters and Tyranno Infinity(or 6 Removed with Star Bow - Ceal and Twin Swords- Tryce)

    *Chimeratech Overdragon
    (Future Fusion, Overload Fusion and more then 10 Machines in maindeck(you can also play Dimension Fusion)

    *Dark Magician of Chaos
    (Dark Magician of Chaos, Mass Driver/Cannon Solder/Catapult Turtle, Spell Economics, and Dimension Fusion/Dimensional Disstortion)

    *Dark Magician of Chaos #2
    (Monster Reborn and Painful Choice for 3xDMoC)

    *Return from the Different Dimension
    (Bazoo the Soul Eater or Soul Release and Return from the Different Dimension)

    *Berserk Dragon
    (Ojama Trio, Final Attack Orders/Big Bang Shot, and Berserk Dragon)

    *Black Ptera OTK
    (Black Ptera, Toon Cannon Soldier and Ultimate Offering)

    *Gyaku-Gire Panda
    (Dimension Fusion/Return from the Different Dimension, Ojama Trio and 3x removed From play Gyaku Gire Panda)

    *Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    (3x Removed from play Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dimension Fusion and Delta attacker)

    *Law of the Normal
    (5x LV 1 or 2 normal monsters on field, Triangle Power or Thousand Energy and Law of the Normal)

    *Gilford The Legend OTK
    (Gilford the Legend and equips in grave (United, Mage Power, Megamorph, Axe of Despair)

    *Gilford The Legend OTK #2
    (Gilford the legend, Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce, Shooting Star Bow - Ceal, and Reverse Trap)

    *Stone Statue of the Aztecs
    (Stanch Defender, Stone Statue of the Aztecs, and Unity)

    *Makyura OTK
    (Makyura the Destructor, Dark Scorpion - Chick The Yellow, and Call of the Haunted)

    *Reversal Worlds/Exchange of the Spirits
    (15 cards in grave, No cards in opponent grave and Reversal Worlds/Exchange of the Spirits(can use Magical Merchant(If useing monsters) or Reasoning(with spells))

    *Twinheaded Beast
    (Twinheaded Beast, Wild Nature's Release, and Beast Soul Swap)

    *Twinheaded Beast #2
    (Twinheaded Beast, Wild Nature's Release, and Ectoplasmer or Fire Art)

    *Cyber dragon OTK
    (Cyber Dragon, Cannon Soldier, and Limiter Removal)

    *Ultimate Baseball Kid
    (Rescue Cat, Last Will (for Ultimate Baseball Kid and 2x Little Chimera), and Poison of the old man or Big Bang Shot)

    *Butterfly Dagger - Elma
    (Butterfly Dagger - Elma, Gearfried the Iron Knight, Spell Absorption, and Fire Princess)

    *Butterfly Dagger - Elma #2
    (Butterfly Dagger - Elma, Gearfried the Iron Knight, and Magical Marionette(sometimes Catapult Turtle)

    *Ultimate Tyranno
    (Ultimate Tyranno, Ojama Trio, and Big Bang Shot/H- Heated Heart/Final Attack Orders/Level Limit Area-A)

    *Magical Thorn
    (Magical Thorns 2x, Card Destruction, and Serial Spell(4 cards in opponents hand))

    *Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
    (Hamon Lord of Striking Thunder, Ring of Destruction, and Barrel Behind the Door)

    *Destiny Hero Dogma
    (Destiny Hero Dogma, Ring of Destruction, and Poison of the Old Man)

    *Gear Golem the Moving Fortress OTK
    (2x Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, Shield and Sword, and Limiter Removal)

    *Last Turn #1
    (Last Turn, Jowgen the Spiritualist, and Wall of Reveling Light/Inspection)

    *Last turn #2
    (Last Turn, Jowls of Dark Demise, Rafflesia Seduction, and Wall of Revealing Light/Inspection)

    *Last turn #3
    (Last Turn, Last Warrior from Another Planet, Wall of Reveling Lght/Inspection)

    *Last turn #4 (No wonder Last turn was banned)
    (Elemental Hero Wildheart, Newdoria/D.D. Warrior Lady, Wall of Reveling Light/Inspection and Last Turn)

    *Roid OTK
    (Ambulanceroid, Rescueroid, Roid type Monster, Cyber Summon Blaster and Spirit Barrier)

    *Manticore of Darkness
    (2x Manticore of Darkness, Card of Safe Return and Exodia limbs and head in maindeck)

    *Heart of the Underdog
    (Fire Princess, Heart of the Underdog and Solemn Wishes)

    *Cannon soldier OTK
    (Cannon soldier, United we stand, Scapegoats, and Poison of the Old Man)

    *Exodia #1
    (Painful choice(for Exodia), Backup Soldier, and Monster reincarnation)

    *Des Frog OTK
    (Des Frog(with 3x T.a.d.p.o.l.e. in grave), Des Croaking, United We Stand)

    *Twin attack OTK
    (United We Stand, Hayabusa Knight or Mataza the Zapper, Mage Power, and Scapegoat)

    *Sage's Stone OTK
    (Dark Magican Girl, Sage's Stone x2, Dedication Through Light and Darkness)

    *Skull Servant OTK
    (king of skull servants (3x servants and 1 king in graveyard), double attacker, and opti-camo armor)

    *Dark Necrofear
    (Dark Necrofear, Dimension Fusion, and Painful Choice)

    *Dora of Fate
    (Lava Golem, Dora of Fate x2, and Fusilier Dragon the Dual-Mode Beast)

    *Venus OTK
    (Return(or another monster of 900+ atk), The Agent of Creation - Venus, and United We Stand)

    *Ojama Trio
    (Ojama Trio, Staunch Defender, Monster with 1800+ atk, and Rush Recklessly(or a face-up Stone Statue of the Aztecs))

    *Megarock Dragon #2
    (Megarock Dragon and Shooting Star Bow-Ceal)

    * Megarock Dragon #3
    (Megarock Dragon, Big Bang Shot, and Ojama Trio)

    (Heart of the Underdog, Deck of normal mosters, and exodia)

    *Cybernetic Magician OTK
    (Scapegoat and Cybernetic Magician)

    *Lava Golom OTK
    (Lava Golom, Brain control, Megamorph, and Fire art)

    *Cyber Jar OTK(the one that got it banned)
    (Cyber Jar, Card Destructon,and Serial spell)

    *Demise OTK
    (Demise, King of Armageddon and Cyber Stein)

    *Demise OTK#2
    (Demise, King of Armageddon and 3x face-down Sand Moth)

    *Butterfly Dagger #3
    (Gearfried the Iron Knight, Royal Magical Library, Butterfly Dagger Elma, and Exodia in deck)

    *Butterfly Dagger #4
    (Gearfried the Iron Knight, Butterfly Dagger, Royal Magical Library, and Chaos Emperor Dragon)

    *Gadget OTK(yes they are broken)
    (Any Gadget, Ultimate Offering, and Limiter Removal)

    *Five headed Dragon OTK
    (Future Fusion, Dragon Mirror, and Megamorph

    *Five headed Dragon OTK #2
    (Dragon Mirror, Dimension Fusion or Return from the Different Dimension)

    *Macros Cosmos OTK
    (Macros Cosmos or Dimension Fisser, Return from the Different Dimension or Dimension Fusion)

    *3000+ Def OTK
    (3x Millenium Shield/Labyrinth Wall remove from play, Return from the Different Dimension or Dimension Fusion, and Sword and Shield)

    *Full Salvo
    (Heart of the Underdog and Full Salvo)

    *Normal Fusion
    (Heart of the underdog, vanilla fusion materials, Infinit Cards, Fusion Gate, and Final Destiny)

    *Cybernetic Mage OTK #2
    (Cybernetic Mage, Cyber Dragon, and Injection Fairy Lily)

    *Man Thro' Thro' OTK
    (Man Thro' Thro', deck of normal monsters, Heart of the Underdog, and Ultimate Offering)

    *Chaos Necromancer
    (Magical Merchant, Chaos Necromancer, Shooting Star Bow Ceal)

    (Painful Choice(for Sangan, Witch, and 3x Emissary of the Afterlife), Soul Realese, Dimension Fusion, and Dark Hole)

    *Dekoichi OTK
    (Dekoichi, Nobleman of Crossout, Return from the Different Dimension/Dimension Fusion,and Limiter)

    *Great Maju Garzett
    (Giant Orc or Goblin Elite Attack Force, Great Maju Garzett, Ring of Destruction, and Barrel Behind the Door)

    *More Stien
    (DW Lightning, Goldd, and Stein)

    *Piranha Army
    (Piranha Army, Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce, Shooting Star Bow - Ceal, and Reverse Trap)

    *BLS OTK
    (BLS, Ojama Trio, Final Attack Orders, and Ring)

    *Cyber Dragon
    (Cyber Dragon, The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion, and Limiter Removal)

    *Wildedge OTK
    (Future Fusion, Miracle Fusion, Ojama Trio, and Final Attack Orders)

    *Black Ptera OTK 2
    (Black Ptera, Little Swordsman of Aile, and Ultimate Offering)

    *Summoner of Illusions
    (Cyber Dragon, Summoner of Illusions, Book of Taiyou, and Megamorph)

    *Piranha Army #2
    (Piranha Army, Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce, and Any 2 equip spells that=1700+)

    *Inaba White Rabbit
    (Inaba White Rabbit, Scapegoat, United We Stand, and Double Attack)

    *Magical Scientist
    (Magical Scientist, Ojama Trio, Final Attack Orders/Zero Gravity, and Poison of the old man)

    *Card Trooper OTK
    (Card Trooper, Machine Duplication, and Limiter Removal)

    *Air Neos
    (Elemental Hero Air Neos, Solemn Judgement, and Megamorph)

    *Six Samurai
    (Great Shogun Shien, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, Six Samurai monster, 1400+ Damage)

    *Venus OTK 2
    (Agent of Creation - Venus, Light Monster with 1900+ attack, Solar Ray)

    *Demise 3
    (Advanced Ritual Art(for Blue-eyes), Demise, King of Armageddon, Premature Burial, and Megamorph)

    *Victory Viper OTK
    (Cyber Dragon, Victory Viper, Power Capsule, and Limiter Removal)

    *Victory Viper OTK #2
    (Victory Viper, Power Capsule, United We Stand, and Limiter Removal)

    *Victory Viper OTK #3
    (Cyber Dragon, Victory Viper, Power Capsule, and United We Stand)

    *Bazoo OTK
    (Future Fusion (for 3 Cyber Dragon), Bazoo, and Dimension Fusion)

    *Dark Magic Curtain OTK
    (Dark Magic Curtain, Megamorph, Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce, Upstart Goblin/Toon World/Equevilent change in life points)

    *Greed OTK
    (2x Greed, 2x Disturbance Strategy *4 or more cards in opponent's hand*)

    *Cannon Soldier Gadget OTK
    (Cannon Soldier, Gadget Series, Dark Room of Nightmare, Ultimate Offering)

    *Dragon Master Knight OTK
    (Black Luster Soldier, King of Swamp, Poly, Dragon Mirror)

    *Infernal Dragon OTK
    (Scapegoat, Infernal Dragon, Des Counterblow)

    *Batteryman AA OTK
    (Ojama Trio, Final Attack Orders, Battery Charger(on Batteryman AA), Inferno Reckless Summon)

    *Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo OTK
    (Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo, Machine Duplication, any Gadget, 800+ ATK boost)

    *Mokey Mokey OTK
    (3x Mokey Mokey in grave, Mokey Mokey King, A means to destroy it, Mokey Mokey Smackdown, Delta Attacker)

    *Elemental Hero Air Neos 2
    (Elemental Hero Air Neos, Wall of Revealing Light, Shooting Star Bow - Ceal)

    *Sky Scourge Norleras OTK
    (Sky Scourge Norleras, A Feather of the Phoenix, Dimension Fusion)

    *Mokey Mokey OTK 2
    (3x Mokey Mokey in grave, Mokey Mokey King, A means to destroy it, Mokey Mokey Smackdown, Catapult Turtle)

    *Dark World OTK 2
    (Cyber Dragon, Bronn, Goldd, Megamorph)

    Dark World OTK 3
    Bronn, Premature Burial(For Bronn), Sillva, Sillva)

    *Dark World OTK 4
    (Premature Burial (For Reign-Beaux), Megamorph, Bronn, Goldd)

    *Dark World OTK 5
    (Bronn, Double Attack, Goldd, Goldd)

    *Dark World OTK 6
    (Dark World Dealings, Sillva,Double Attack, Injection Fairy Lily)

    *Dark World OTK 7
    (Dark World Dealings, Goldd, Megamorph, Injection Fairy Lily)

    *Injection Fairy Lily OTK
    (Injection Fairy Lily, Double attack, +1200 ATK/DMG)

    *Fire Princess OTK
    (Fire Princess, Recycle (Recycling 16 cards), Life Absorbing Machine)

    *The Agent of Judgment-Saturn OTK
    (The Sanctuary in the Sky, The Agent of Judgment-Saturn, Aegis of Gaia, and Premature Burial)

    *Six Samurai OTK
    (The Six Samurai - Nisashi, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, Great Shogun Shien, United We Stand)

    *Victory Viper OTK #4
    (Victory Viper, 2x Power Capsule, Limiter Removal)

    *Card Trooper OTK #2
    (Card Trooper, Cyber Dragon, Limiter Removal)

    *Rescue Cat OTK #2
    (2x Rescue Cat removed from play, Dimensional Fusion)

    *Sthronghold the Moving Fortress OTK
    (2x Stronhold, Ultimate Offerings, 1 Gadget)

    *Machine Duplicaiton OTK
    (Fusilier the Dual Mode Beast/Proto Cyber Dragon, Shooting Star Bow - Ceal, Machine Duplication, Limiter Removal)

    *Injection Fairy Lily OTK #2
    (Injectio Fairy Lily, DNA Surgery, Machine Duplication)

    *Anti-Aircraft Flower OTK
    (Anti-Aircraft Flower, DNA Surgery, Ultimate Offering, Gadgets)

    *Gift Card OTK
    (Bad Reaction to Simocchi, 3x Gift Card)

    *Zombie Master OTK
    (2x Zombie Master, Card of Safe Return, Cannon Soldier/Mass Driver)

    *Dreadscythe Harvester OTK
    (Dreadscythe Harvester, Heart of the Underdog. Ultimate Offering, Deck full of 4-or lower Normal Insects)

    *Bokoichi the Freightening Car OTK
    (Bokoichi the Freightening Car, Machine Duplicaion, Thousand Energy, Limiter Removal)

    *Limiter Removal OTK
    (1 Machine Monster, Scapegoats, United We Stand, Limiter Removal)

    *Snake Rain RFP OTK
    (Dimensional Fissure/Macro Cosmos/Soul Release, Snake Rain, Dimension Fusion/Return fro the Different Dimension)

    *Zombie Master OTK #2
    (2x Zombie Master, Plague Wolf, United We Stand)

    *Slate Warrior OTK
    (Slate Warrior, Nobleman of Crossout, Dimension Fusion, United We Stand)

    *Cyber Fusion Gate OTK
    (Cyber Dragon, Cyber Dragon, Fusion Gate, Dimension Fusion/RftDD)

    *Double Summon Lily OTK
    (Double Summon, Cyber Dragon, 2x Injection Fairy Lily)

    *Master of Oz Fusion Gate OTK
    (Des Kangaroo, Big Koala, Fusion Gate, RftDD)

    *Chthonian Emperor Dragon OTK
    (Chthonian Emperor Dragon, Megamorph, LP<2400)

    *Mystical Beast Cerberus OTK
    (2x Mystical Beast Cerberus, Toon Table of Contents, Cyber Dragon)

    *Dark Magic Curtain OTK #2
    (Dark Magic Curtain, Ojama Trio, Windstorm of Etaqua, Diffusion Wave-Motion)

    *UFOroid Fighter OTK #2
    (King of the Swamp(getting Polymerization), UFOroid, Black Luster Soldier, Dragon's Mirror)

    *Spellcaster OTK
    (Skilled White/Dark Magician, Foolish Burial, Premature Burial, Magicians Unite)

    *Ultimate Baseball Kid OTK #2
    (Ultimate Baseball Kid, DNA Surgery, Machine Duplication)

    *Gemini OTK
    (Future Fusion, Dragon's Mirror, Dimension Fusion)

    *Triangle Power OTK
    (2 D.D. trainers, Shield & Sword, Triangle Power)

    *Evil Hero Hell Gainer OTK
    (Cyber Dragon, Great Maju Garzett, Evil Hero Hell Gainer)

    *Cunning ot6S OTK
    (Zanji ot6S, Grandmaster ot6S, 2x Cunning ot6S)

    *Cunning ot6S OTK #2
    (Nisashi ot6S+ any 6S + 2 Cunning ot6S) or (2 Nisashi ot6S, Cunning ot6S)

    *Evil Hero Malicious Fiend OTK
    (Dark Calling/Dark Fusion, Ojama Trio)

    *Evil Hero Dark Gaia OTK
    (Dark Calling/Dark Fusion (for 4000 Atk total), Infernal Gainer)

    *Updraft OTK
    (Cloudian Ghost Fog, Lava Golem, Ojama Trio, Updraft)

    *Chain Material OTK
    (Chain Material, Fusion Gate, Dimensional Fissure/Macro Cosmos, Toon Cannon Soldier)

    *All-Out Attacks OTK
    (Ojama Trio, All-out Attacks, 2700 Def or 2400 Atk mon)

    *Gigaplant Burn OTK
    (Mass Driver, Gigaplant, Superalloy Beast Raptinus, Blazewing Butterfly/Gigaplant)

    *Necroface OTK
    (Grinder Golem, Inferno Tempest)

    *Infinite Grinder Tyranno OTK
    (Grinder Golem, Tyranno Infinity, Inferno Tempest)

    *Coelacanth Avatar OTK
    (Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth, The Wicked Avatar)

    *Coelacanth United OTK
    (Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth, United We Stand, 1000 lp Damage)

    *Coelacanth Skill Drain OTK
    (Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth, Skill Drain)

    *Guardian of Order OTK
    (Guardian of Order, The Calculator, LV4> 1300 ATK+ LIGHT + Double Summon/Cyber Dragon)

    *Guardian of Order OTK #2
    (Guardian of Order, Cyber Dragon, Proto Cyber Dragon, Power Bond/Polymerization)

    *Dark Magician of Chaos OTK #3
    (Scapegoat, Monster Gate, 3 Dark Magician of Chaos in deck)

    *Hysteric Party OTK
    (DNA Surgery, Hysteric Party, Limiter Removal)

    *Symbol of Heritage OTK
    (Lonefire Blossom, 3x Symbol of Heritage)

    *Destiny Hero Dogma OTK #2
    (Destiny Hero Dogma, DNA Transplant, Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai)

    *Super Polymerization OTK
    (Future Fusion, Miracle/Overload Fusion/Dragon's Mirror, Dimension Fusion/De-Fusion, Super Polymerization)

    *Jinzo Returner OTK
    (Future Fusion (Dumping 3 Jinzo Returner and 3 Jinzos), 800+ LP damage)

    *All-Out Attacks OTK #2
    (All-Out Attacks, Morphing Jar #2, Poison Mummy/Hiro's Shadow Scout)

    *All-Out Attacks OTK #3
    (2x Spear Cretin, All-Out Attacks, Toon Cannon Soldier/Similar Cards)

    *The Calculator OTK
    (The Calculator, Total 25 level monster on field (obtainable in 3 cards using Metal Reflect Slimes)

    *Makyura the Destructor OTK
    (Begone, Knave!, Embodiment of Apophis/Zoma the Spirit + All-Out Attacks/Rinal Attack Orders, Makyura the Destructor)

    *UFOroid Fighter OTK #3
    (Fusion Gate, UFOroid Fighter, Chain Material, Catapult Turtle)

    *Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler OTK
    (Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler, Heads on the coin flip/Megamorph)

    *Substitoad OTK
    (Substitoad, Fires of Doomsday/Scapegoat, United We Stand/Super Polymerization)


    Viel Spaß beim stöbern, durchlesen, Diskutieren und vielleicht Decklisten entwerfen!

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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    Submarinroid + Ausrüstung funtz nicht. Er greift ledenglich mit 800 direkt an


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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Hilli View Post
    Submarinroid + Ausrüstung funtz nicht. Er greift ledenglich mit 800 direkt an
    [Maschine / Effekt]

    Diese Karte kann die Life Points deines Gegners direkt angreifen. Wenn sie dies tut, wird der Kampfschaden, den diese Karte den Life Points deines Gegners zufügt, zu den Grund-ATK dieser Karte. Du kannst die Kampfposition dieser Karte am Ende des Damage Steps in Verteidigungsposition ändern.

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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    Antiker OTK
    Antiker Antriebsgolem + zwei ander antike karten + kraftbündnis

    Antiker OTK...FTK

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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    Wow. So viele Wörter. Und doch kein Zusammenhang.

    Außerdem wäre es schön, wenn du keine Bilder klaust und auch die Quelle deiner tollen Liste erwähnen würdest.

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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    Die meisten der OTKs sind endweder verdammt schwer rauszu bringen , oder aber verboten^^

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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    Die Quelle der OTKs sind

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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    Kaktuskämper + Kompromissloser Angriff + Bambusabfall (Falls ein anderes Planzenmonster auf dem Feld ist) Da müssen die Spielmarken immer den Kaktuskämpfer angreifen. Habe ich selber erfolgreich getestet. ^^

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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    wie wäre es wenn du mal aufs datum schaust

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    Default AW: Der OTK Thread

    Ich finde, man könnte den Thread stehen lassen und vervollständigen.

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